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Monday – January 19, 2015
  Healthy Challenge 2015 starts today… Start your logs… Jen’s last nutrition seminar is tonight at 7:15 make sure your
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Friday – January 16, 2015
    Friday – January 16, 2015   Warm up: Row for 3 minutes   Mobility: Yes… its couch stretch
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Thursday – January 15, 2015
    Paleo Power meals are Healthy, delicious, and 20% of with the Healthy Challenge 2015 discount code… Get your
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Wednesday – January 14, 2015
  In the Rowd Royalty online rowing competition, Team White Mountain CrossFit is in 17th place out of 380 teams…
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Tuesday – January 13, 2015
A big shoutout to all those that competed this past weekend, everyone did a great job!   Theres still time
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Monday – January 12, 2015
    News and Happenings: The Healthy Challenge is in full swing, there is still time to sign up just
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Friday – January 9, 2015
     Remember that coach that had the great idea to have all of the coaches do 3 Burpee Pull-ups
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Thursday – January 8, 2015
      Healthy Challenge: Jody will be available Friday 4-7 and Saturday AM if you wanted her specifically to do
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Wednesday – January 7, 2015
    Great news for those with children, as an added value at WMCF, Starting next week, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and
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Tuesday – January 6, 2015
    Tuesday – January 06, 2015   Warm up: 3 rounds 1 minute Jumprope 10 Air Squats   Mobility: 
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Monday – January 5, 2015
   The Healthy Challenge 2015 1. Sign-ups are underway, sign-up on the sheet by the computer. The more that join
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Friday – January 2, 2015
      So far we have about a dozen people signed up for the “Row’d Royalty” online rowing competition,
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Dear friends,

White Mountain CrossFit is temporarily closed due to Covid 19

If you have any questions contact Ian (603) 496-7631 or Brad (603) 568-8538