Wednesday – March 25th, 2020

Hey White Mountain Community

1st off THANK YOU for the incredible support!

2nd Many of you will be heading to the gym tomorrow to borrow some equipment during this hard time. Please be sure to be respectful of a 6′ MINIMUM distance from each other.

3rd We hope you understand that we want everyone to have an item or two so they can have an easier time with the home workouts, if there is equipment available after the “1st” round of lending, we will let you know.

4th We encourage everyone to come get at least a single plate, many of the home workouts can be enhanced with this.

5th Your pre-order clothing is here so when you stop in to grab a piece of equipment be sure to get your swag too.

Stay safe, again thank you for the support and we will see you all soon!!!

Dear friends,

White Mountain CrossFit is temporarily closed due to Covid 19

If you have any questions contact Ian (603) 496-7631 or Brad (603) 568-8538