Wednesday – November 7, 2018

Good Plate Fengshui


White Mountain Healthy Challenge: Recording of daily scores is over, Measurements can be done between now and Saturday the 10th. We will have a small wrap-up and final discussion Saturday the 10th at 08:00am at the gym. Jess will be present to answer any final nutrition questions.


Veterans Day Hours: Monday 07:00-10:00 & 04:00 – 07:00 – This will be open gym format but there will be a “Workout of the Day” option.



Barbells for Boobs will be November 17th!!!



Wednesday – November 07, 2018



  • Accumulate 4 minutes static hang in least sets possible


Metcon : 

  • 1 Minute Work at each station
  • 1 Minute Rest/Transition between each


  • Calories on Rower (Each Calorie worth 1)
  • Plate Push 45/25   (Each Length worth 10)
  • Rope Climbs           (Each Trip worth 10)
  • Calories on Bike     (Each Calorie worth 1)
  • D-Balls 80/50        (Each Rep worth 1)
  • HSPU                       (Each Rep worth 1)
  • C2B                           (Each Rep worth 1)
  • HR Push-ups          (Each Rep worth 1)



This is just a test… if we need to tell you about a closing, this is how it would look… If you get this, let the coach tomorrow know the pop-up worked… thanks!