Thursday – January 8, 2015


Got to love those heavy Thrusters

Got to love those heavy Thrusters



Healthy Challenge: Jody will be available Friday 4-7 and Saturday AM if you wanted her specifically to do your body composition testing.

Paleo Power Meals has given us the discount code (20%) for orders during the challenge, if your signed up for the challenge and want the code just ask a coach.

Row’d Royalty Online Rowing Competition

WORKOUT #1 is here. IMPORTANT: You must be registered in order to enter your results! RR registration closes on Sunday, January 11th at 3PM ET – so get your friends and gym-mates to sign up with you! Once you have registered, you have until Monday, January 12 at 3PM ET to enter your score.
Sponsored by Rock Tape
Six Rounds of: Row 1 minute, rest 30 seconds
Without leaving the rower, complete 6 intervals of 1 minute of rowing for meters and 30 seconds of rest.
SCORE 1A: Combined Meters for Intervals #1 + #2
SCORE 1B: Total Meters Rowed for ALL 6 Intervals.
IMPORTANT: All participants must use the “INTERVALS: TIME” feature on a Concept 2 PM3, PM4 or PM5 monitor.


Thursday – January 08, 2015
Warm up:

  • Running Drills



  • Sumo Groin Stretch



  • 15 Minutes to establish a Max weight 75’ Sled Push


Conditioning: AMRAP 14 minutes

  •   6 Dumbbell Push-up Rows 40/20
  • 12 DB Walking Lunge Steps 40/20
  •   3 Snatch (or power) + Overhead Squat 95/65


Weekly Challenge:

  • Max Hand Release Push-ups / 90 sec.